Saturday, June 16, 2012


One of these days I'm going to be a great gardener. And I'm going to have an awesome garden. In the yard of my awesome house! And there will be yearly yield of delicious vegetables and fruits, from which I will make the most delicious recipes! It's an exciting thought. But I don't have to wait until I have my own house and my own garden to make awesome stuff from fresh produce.

My Dad has a garden that he's been tending for a few years now. It's a well seasoned garden in a great place and he's been helping me learn the tricks of the trade. It's hard work! And it involves tons of skill and scientific knowledge and good old elbow grease. Lately, of course, it's been hard for me to get out there and work because of my "delicate condition." But I've been learning nonetheless and it's so rewarding to reap that which was sown.

These are cherries growing on a large tree right next to the garden. They're beautiful. I'm honestly not a huge fan of cherries. In fact, last year's harvest yielded excellent cherries but the cherry pie didn't turn out so awesome. Maybe it had something to do with all the little wormies I had to fish out of each cherry before I boiled them...

These are going to be tomatoes! They're even starting to bud little yellow flowers!

This is the view of the two most productive rows of the garden. There are onions, romaine lettuce, peas, spinach, broccoli, and chard.

This will probably be a pumpkin (or some sort of squash)! Dad also planted some corn (not pictured).

 This is a budding apple on the apple tree! Very exciting. I think they'll be a nice red when they're ripe. There will also be peppers, cucumbers and perhaps zucchini!

Gardening is a great metaphor for life. It's fun to ponder things like this while gardening. I look forward to many years of meaningful, productive gardening experiences. And delicious dishes.

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