Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Shower! Or, Ode to Johanna

So I have this amazing friend of many years, Johanna. This incredible person volunteered to throw me a baby shower in honor of our little Lion King coming into the world soon. And MAN did it turn out great! The pictures really speak for themselves, but I must note that the vast majority of the decorations were made BY HAND. Amazing. I loved it all!

This is the palm tree!

This is the "Pin the tail on the Lion" set up, probably the most adorable lion butt I've ever seen. 

These jungle leaves are really gorgeous.

Monkey cupcakes!! Lion cupcakes, oh my! So adorable I could just eat them up! 

 The theme was "Jungle Safari" or "King of the Jungle," it was wonderful. I loved all the bright colors, cute animals, and jungle decorations!

This is me! 35 whole weeks pregnant! I feel pretty dang huge, definitely swollen here and there but happy and excited for all the great things to come!

And this is Johanna, the creative and resourceful mastermind behind the whole shower. Did I mention she has an 18 month old and is pregnant with #2?? I don't know how she managed to plan and put everything together the way she did (and look cute)! Seriously amazing!

The Spread! There were cupcakes (pictured above), a jungle fruit salad, homemade cheeseball and crackers, Jambalaya (made by Rachel), no bake cookies (made by Tiffany, who was kind enough to come early and help set up!), and jungle punch! It was delicious!

So a big thank you to Johanna for putting all this together! It was such an honor to have this fantastic baby shower for my little man cub! And a big thank you to my sister Rachel and my great friend Tiffany for helping with last minute things. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by talented, creative people who love me. Just call me the luckiest girl ever.


  1. Sounds fabulous! Wish I could have been to celebrate with you girls. Hope things keep going well with everything :)

  2. It looks amazing. Joanna really is amazing! Plus I had no idea she was expecting again! I'll just be giving her a call... I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!

  3. Truly saying that the decoration is amazing and those palm tree on screen is the real charm.Winnie the pooh baby shower